Ciara Peter Vegan FashionAnimal Friendly Shopping was founded in 2009 as a style and shopping resource for people who want to minimize or eliminate their usage of animal-derived products. We feature several products from our favorite vegan retailers, as well as animal friendly items from non-vegan companies to encourage non-vegans to buy animal friendly products from designers and retailers they already know and love. We’ve taken the guesswork out of ethical shopping by researching every product to ensure its cruelty-free status. While animal friendliness is our number one concern, we aim to feature retailers with the highest ethical, environmental, and customer service standards. We hope you’ll join us in helping make the world a better place for animals.

About Ciara

As a lifelong vegetarian, I learned over the years how difficult it was to find shoes, clothes, and beauty products that lived up to both my ethical and aesthetic expectations. Most conventionally vegan fashion items were frumpy, cheap, or masculine and most of the coveted runway and magazine styles used animal-derived materials. I decided at the beginning of 2009 to go completely vegan and made it my goal to do so without sacrificing style, quality, or convenience. After months of research, I figured out where to find the best animal friendly items and decided to share them with others who have experienced the same frustration. For more information, visit me at Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

About the Author