A Scent of Scandal

A Scent of Scandal Vegan Candles

Scandalous Soy Candles

Luxuriate for a cause with A Scent Of Scandal, purveyor of deliciously scented vegan candles. Created by brother and sister team Ari Solomon and Heather Brancaccio, these 100% soy delights last up to 35 hours and come in a variety of scandalous scents including Morning Wood, Skinny Bitch, and Get Lei’d.

While “Scandals” are sinfully delicious, they’re also praiseworthy for philanthropy, with much of their proceeds donated to PETA, Farm Sanctuary, Sea Shepherd, and Compassionate Cooks. Check out Scandalous celebs and find the scent that fits you best at A Scent Of Scandal Online.

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