Business or Pleasure: Smooth Non-Silk Ties

Jaan J Vegan Ties

For me, the search for vegan ties pretty much begins and ends with Jaan If you’ve ever wasted time looking for non-silk ties, you know exactly what I mean. Mainstream companies don’t make their ties from anything but silk, and you can waste hours looking in vain for anything animal-friendly at major retailers when it comes to neckties. Then, you’re essentially left with two options – small vegan retailers that have a limited selection, especially if you want the tie for business purposes (think Pangea or or you have to find a retailer that makes inexpensive polyester ties that usually don’t last longer than one season (think I’m glad those retailers are out there, because they do fill a certain niche, but as a man who mainly wears ties with suits for business purposes, I need something more for 95% of my necktie collection.
Then you have Jaan J. to peruse. I suggest you go there now and check it out, as one reading of the front page tells you everything you need to know about their business – they’re good people making a good product. I’ve tried to find anyone with a bad thing to say about their products or customer service, but it seems everyone is agreement that the ties are made of durable high-quality satin and are delivered very promptly. The ties are fairly inexpensive for the non-silk ties you’d use to start a collection ($33.50 at the time of this writing), but they also have a Signature Collection with some truly gorgeous patterns should you choose that route. They even have some in the cotton variety if that’s your preference. And as if that wasn’t enough to satisfy your need for personalization, they allow you to choose how your tie is tipped – either with the Jaan J. logo (shown below), or another logo they provide that plays down the tie maker.
The bottom line is that Jaan J. combines the things I’ve always wanted out of a vegan necktie collection – a wide variety of choices, durability in those choices, and reasonable prices so that I can build up my closet. Now, the idea of getting another tie for Father’s Day doesn’t seem like too bad a proposition.

Jaan J Macclesfield Tie
Closeup of the Jaan J Macclesfield Vegan Tie

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