Can Your Shirt Make The World Smarter?

In the case of Read’s Clothing Project, it sure can. But more on that in a minute…

Read’s Clothing Project is a new clothing company that makes shirts for a good cause. The three styles (pictured below), are entirely animal friendly and are made with a trim, athletic fit to nicely complement the classic but casual patterns.  RCP promises to be your new favorite shirt – but for more than just style. They donate 20% of profits to schools and education programs in Africa.

Read's Clothing Project
RCP’s current project is the school of St. Jude in Arusha, Tanzania, which offers over 90% of their students free education in an area where finishing secondary school is rare.  In seven years, the school has grown to almost 1,400 students and 350 staff who work hard to fulfill the school’s philosophy of fighting poverty through education. The School of St. Jude prides itself on offering smaller classes, positive reinforcement, full computer access, and even a full-time nurse.  Fundraising for the school of St. Jude  is part of RCP’s greater mission to create a sustainable fundraising model for schools and education opportunities in Africa, and ultimately help improve the quality of life and economy for those who live there.

School of St Jude, Tanzania

Read’s Clothing Project shirts are available online as well as at Sherman Pickey in Georgetown. They hope  to expand their product line by adding another shirt collection and possibly ties and iPad cases. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing this style and philanthropy forward company grow in the future! Visit RCP online to see the shirts and learn more about the company, or become a fan on Facebook.

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