Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta® Glow Pad

Alpha Beta Glow Pad

I wish I had discovered these before my Chic Vegan guest post, Achieving the Perfect Summer Glow, but it’s better late than never.

I stumbled upon Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare a few months ago on Twitter as I heard they were a cruelty-free company. This term gets thrown around somewhat loosely, but I still had to check it out. What surprised me was that Dr. Dennis Gross products are not only PETA certified cruelty-free, but most of them are actually vegan. What sets this company apart, however, is that Dr. Gross is a dermatologist and skin cancer researcher who specializes in anti-aging and sun-protection, which resulted in a suite of products for all skincare concerns including aging, acne, and SPF/sunless tanning.

I’ve been using Dr. Dennis Gross glow for about a month now after washing my face. The immediate result is the fresh feeling of using a toner and more bronzed skin within just a few minutes. Each package of glow pads comes with 10, 20, or 50 small towlettes that contain Active Vitamin D, Microencapsulated DHA and Soy Proteins for deep, long-lasting color and Alpha & Beta Hydroxy acids to tighten pores, exfoliate, and eliminate blackheads. They’re completely odorless and can be reapplied as desired for a deeper tan. It doesn’t wash right off like a lot of other sunless tanners.

As for usage, I’d recommend using them once a day for a deep tan and every other day for maintenance. A package of 20 is $32, making it cost about $1 a day for upkeep. If this is too pricey, you can also just use them for special occasions. For example, if I have a night out I’ll use one in the morning and one freshening up for the evening, which definitely gives it enough time to do the trick. I also love to use these if I’m short on time and/or don’t feel like putting on makeup before work. They do a really good job of brightening skin and lowering the contrast of blemishes and undereye circles.

Some of Dr. Dennis Gross’ other vegan products include masks, cleansing foams, peels, soaps, and serums. The majority are paraben free and some are sulfate free. See all cruelty free Dr. Dennis Gross products here and look for the vegan label in the listing.

Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta® Glow Pad, $32

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