Animal Friendly Rugs

Ecofo comes from the same camp as Imposter – as they believe that if people ‘must’ have fur or the fur look, then a reasonable vegan alternative is better than nothing. Ecofo makes hand-woven classic, contemporary and children’s rugs from materials that are vegan and Oeko-Tex 100 compliant designed mostly in animal patterns or, in the case of the children’s rugs, as pictures of the animals themselves.

Each of their rugs is knitted on an old-style machine, so you get the incredible quality of a knitted rug (remember those rugs your parents had that lasted forever?) without the animal fur. Keep in mind that caring for them is the same as those old school rugs too – take them outside and shake/smack them with a broom since the dirt will sit on top of the knitted rug instead of going right inside some cheap fiber. It’s good to see ‘imitation’ products catching and surpassing the quality levels of animal products, it gives the consumers of animal products one less reason to hold on to their fur.

Image property of Ecofo

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