Vaute Couture Pops Up in the Bay

Vaute Couture Audrey Vegan Coat
Today I went to Vaute (pronounced “vote” – who knew!) Couture’s San Francisco pop-up shop and was pretty blown away. The coats always looked great online, but when I actually tried them on it was magic! I learned a lot about the production process and the advantages handmaking affords, like the ability to quilt in different directions, a seemingly small detail that makes a huge difference in the result. It’s because of this type of detail the coats fit like a glove – and every style was flattering!

Vaute Couture Kinder Vegan Coat

Vaute Couture Kinder

Leanne walked me through the fall coats, ones I’d been drooling over since their initial debut at New York fashion week earlier this year.  Since I already own last year’s mid-length Vaute, I was looking for something shorter, so I tried the Kinder, Airs, and Oru. The Kinder was love at first sight. Today’s sample was bright yellow, but it will actually be sold in black and deep pink. She may make some yellow but hasn’t decided, so if you want to yellow speak now or forever hold your peace! For such a lightweight coat, it’s really warm and I know it will get me through these brutally windy San Francisco winters. It’s really versatile and can be dressed up or down, and has a (I’m sure there’s a more technical term for this) high-zip neck for those extra chilly ones.

The Oru was the most creative of all the coats, with angular lines and half sleeves. Not the warmest of the bunch, but fabulous for a summer evening soiree. The Airs is a short-mid length quilted style, with a form-fitting belt attached. Where the Kinder was sporty, the Airs is feminine, with a slight flare at the bottom, almost like a dress. Feminine, functional, and extremely warm.

Vaute Couture Audrey Vegan Coat

Vaute Couture Audrey

While I already had a longer coat, I couldn’t leave without trying on the Audrey, the below knee length coat modeled in camel at fashion week with the modern, almost futuristic neckline and off-centered buttons 2/3 of the way down. Once again, I was in love. Elegant enough for a formal event, but with a career sophistication, the Audrey proved to be the missing piece from my wardrobe and must be mine.

Coats were surely my main area of interest, but I must mention some new and noteworthy items also worth checking out:

Tube dresses Not yet online, there are currently six garden-inspired colors with fun, flirty prints. Watch for these in the next few months.

Knits Vaute Couture will be releasing some really innovative knit items in the near future, made from materials left over from soy farming. 100% vegan of course, these knits are super warm, soft, and cozy and include a scarf/hood, button-closure headband, and hat.

 Vaute Couture Vegan Knits

Vaute Couture Vegan Knits

Mens This year marks the launch of Vaute Couture’s men’s line, featuring uber-sexy, sophisticated styles including the Whitman- the ultimate walk to work coat, the Men’s Pea – a short, social peacoat, and the men’s urban snow coat – insulated urban sleek

If you’re going to be in the market for a coat this winter, now is the time to choose, as Vaute Couture will begin pre-orders soon starting at 40% off. While these coats are worth every penny at full price, it never hurts to find a hot bargain. Plus, you’ll have something to look forward to as the days lead up to the arrival of your fabulous new coat!!

Please feel free to email or comment me any questions about the fall 2010 line, I am happy to answer :D – also look for them in the upcoming San Francisco Vegan Fashion Show October 2 at Golden Gate Park, part of the SF Vegetarian Festival 2010.

See all the coats and learn more about Vaute Couture at

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