Vegan Spa Luxe: LaRocca Skincare

La Rocca Vegan Skincare

Not gonna lie, I’m a sucker for great packaging. So when I saw LaRocca’s the gold-topped jars filled with bathtime delicacies, I had to try them.

When I ordered the Cellular Gold Sugar Polish, Cellular Gold Hydrating Body Balm, and Lip Shield, I was expecting good products, but these are truly luxurious. I felt like my bathroom had been turned into a spa! The Cellular Gold line is extra special because it’s made with 24K Colloidal Gold to promote electron transfer with the metal ions naturally found in the skin, stimulating cell turnover. Yes, that’s real gold!

This skincare brand is not only 100% vegan but also 100% natural and recyclable. Products are formulated to speed up the skin’s natural processes by incorporating clinically proven science and natural bioactive ingredients that repair, nourish and protect skin from the harsh environment, and all ingredients all come from ethical manufacturing processes.

The Cellular Gold Sugar Polish is sort of a finishing scrub for the bath and shower. It smells like luscious apricot in the jar, but then turns into an invigorating minty mist upon application. I love the exfoliating properties, but my favorite part of the polish was the unexpected tingly sensation when smoothing over the skin. It felt like a dessert for the bathtub, leaving my skin smooth, shiny, and smelling amazing!

But like any spa day, my luxuriating wouldn’t be complete without a moisturizing treatment. The Cellular Gold Hydrating Balm made for an amazing post-shower treat, with an almost gel-like texture from natural ingredients including Shea, Olive, Avocado, and Capuacu butters, and the soothing scent combination of apricot, tangerine, and other fresh fruits. You can even see the small gold flecks, which add that extra little bit of radiance to your glowing skin.


Finally, I’ve been using the LaRocca SPF 8 Lip Shield in Syrah, which is specially formulated to moisturize and nourish while also protecting against germs and bacteria. I am not a big lip balm user, as I usually go straight to the lipstick or gloss, but the fresh creamy grape flavor alone is so unique and fresh I have incorporated it into my daily routine. It’s extremely subtle mauve base with gold shimmer is also incredible with almost all skin tones, as it adds more of a glow than a color.

My experience with the Cellular Gold line has been incredible, but LaRocca also offers a full range of other amazing products including Lash Enhancer, Cocoa Gold Vitamin Mask, 24K Gold Active Vitamin Repair Mist, and more. They donate 3% of profits to the Ann & George Lopez Foundation, and also donate to the Rocca Bowwow Foundation, which aims to eliminate the need to Euthanize shelter animals.

At first glance, LaRocca products are a bit on the pricier side, but in my opinion they are worth every penny, even if just to use on a lazy Sunday or special occasions. And, AFM readers also receive 30% off at checkout with discount code “Vegan”. So treat yourself to a Valentines gift and try LaRocca! Your skin will thank you.

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