No, you’re not dreaming, it’s a MEN’S VEGAN SUIT!

Proper Suit




Custom Suits available in Vegan Styles

Guys, I feel your pain.

Shopping for formal clothes made without silk or wool is kind of a nightmare. At least us ladies have designers like Dalia MacPhee and Vaute Couture for animal friendly formal dresses and outerwear. But what about the dudes? Where is the love?

If you have a job, or attend social events, you’re probably going to need a suit at some point. So why is it so impossible to find one that isn’t made of wool? And for the few that are animal-friendly, most are cheap or poorly made, and likely from low-end retailers that don’t offer tailor services.

Proper Suit Vegan Style Summer Grey

Summer Grey

I’d like to introduce you to Proper Suit, a new suit shop that lets you customize your entire suit, including the material, lining, measurements, buttons, vents, lapel, pick stitching, and trouser pleats and cuffs. Their online-only business model lets them produce top of the line suits for under $500, and still deliver exceptional customer service and quality. Your custom suit will only take 2-3 weeks to arrive and they’re so confident you’ll love it, that they’ll pay for any alterations you need. So if you need to take it to a local tailor, they’ll fully refund you for the cost.

While most of the materials contain wool, Summer Grey is a 100% animal friendly, linen/cotton blend.  This light grey material with subtle color variation that makes it easy to dress up or down depending on the occasion. Buttons on all Proper Suit styles are also made from non-animal compounds.  As of now, the site lists only silk blend linings, but will very soon be adding Bemberg, a biodegradable cotton-based material, to it’s list. Until then, you can special order the Summer Grey with Bemberg lining here.

Now, I know linen is not necessarily right for everyone or every occasion, but suiting designers aren’t going to make more animal friendly options if they don’t know there’s a demand. Want to see Proper Suit offer a heavier, darker material for the colder months? Shoot them an email. You never know, maybe they’ll make something just right for you.

Until then, enjoy the fabulous Summer Grey Suit at, $450

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